For the first time, Joe Biden is warning that he will not provide Israel with some weapons in the event of a major attack against Rafah.

Change of tone. Joe Biden warned, Wednesday May 8, he “will not give” Few weapons for Israel, of which the United States is the primary military backer, in case of a major offensive against Rafah. This is the first time a US president has publicly made his military aid to Israel conditional. “If they enter Rafah, I will not give them the weapons that are always used against the cities (…)”The 81-year-old made the promise during an interview with the Democrat CNN channel. “We will not supply used weapons and artillery shells” Until then, he announced more. Asked about the U.S. decision to end supplies of the bombs last week, Joe Biden clarified: “These bombs killed civilians in Gaza (…) It shouldn’t.” Follow our live stream.

Rafa was bombed out. Since Monday, the Israeli army has been carrying out massive bombings and incursions into the eastern suburbs of the city in the south of the Palestinian territories. It ordered its residents to evacuate to the center as part of a plan to destroy Hamas. “Life in the city center has come to a complete standstill”, “streets are empty, markets are at a standstill”A Palestinian named Marwan al-Masri told AFP.

Mobilizing support for Gaza in universities. In Amsterdam, students have been protesting since Monday calling for the severance of all ties with Israel because of the military offensive on Gaza. On Tuesday evening, dozens of riot police used batons against protesters occupying the university building. In the US, Washington police broke up an encampment at George Washington University in the early hours of Wednesday.

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Negotiations are underway in Cairo. Indirect talks resumed Wednesday morning in an attempt to compromise a ceasefire and avoid an attack on Rafah. Benjamin Netanyahu also met with CIA Director William Burns in Jerusalem to discuss the possibility. “break” According to an Israeli official, in military operations in the south of the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of hostages.

Catastrophic humanitarian crisis. The closure of crossing points and military operations in Rafah is leading to a worsening humanitarian crisis. Only one day’s worth of fuel oil is left for humanitarian operations, the UN said. A British emergency physician, James Smith, on a trip to southern Gaza, described a health situation “catastrophe” and sewage odors “ubiquitous” In the hospital.

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