For 10 years, the CIA has been training a “new generation of Ukrainian spies” working against Russia.

Based on approximately 200 interviews with current and former Ukrainian, American, and European officials, the paper reveals that the CIA has established a total of twelve intelligence bases in Ukraine. They are located in underground bunkers in the middle of the nerve center of the Ukrainian army. In these bunkers, Ukrainian spies working for Ukrainian intelligence relayed messages between Russian commanders to the CIA.

This collaboration between the Ukrainian and US secret services began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. The CIA recruited Ukrainian officers to work in these bunkers.

Thanks to the information collected so far, Ukrainian double agents were able to prove that Russia was involved in the MH17 plane crash. They also helped prosecute Russian agents who tried to influence the 2016 US election.

Kyrillo Budanov, the current head of Ukrainian military intelligence, is also a former member of the elite Unit 2245. A former unit established by the CIA in Ukraine to seize Russian drones and communications equipment.

Ukrainian military intelligence chief warns Russians: “New surprises await enemies”

The CIA created a “new generation of Ukrainian spies” operating in Russia, Cuba and Europe. Today, as war rages in Ukraine, espionage networks are “more important than ever,” says the New York Times. The spies provide vital information about where the Russians plan to attack and what weapons they will use. “The CIA provides intelligence on targeted missile strikes, monitors Russian troop movements, and helps maintain intelligence networks.”

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