Florida’s Trinity Thomas is out of the floor routine with a leg injury, which is an everyday occurrence

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Trinity Thomas stops the average routine and is out with a leg injury

Florida Trinity Thomas gymnast stops midway through her routine and walks out with a leg injury.

The NCAA all-around gymnastics champion, Trinity Thomas, sustained an injury to his lower right leg during the NCAA regional meet Friday night in Pittsburgh and is daily, the University of Florida said.

After completing his hard beam routine with a score of 9.9, Thomas opened on the floor with a double stuck design. After a few moments, she stopped the routine, put her hands on her knees and took a few breaths before Florida coach Jenny Rowland escorted her from the floor.

Thomas walked to the training area on her own power, was evaluated by the medical staff and returned to her team before the next session. She was replaced in the lineup by Bree Edwards and watched from the sideline with an ice cap on her right calf as No. 2 Florida won the tournament and advanced to Sunday’s regional final.

“There comes a time when our athletes have to trust what’s going on,” Rowland said. “I am really grateful for that [Thomas] He didn’t try to be a superhero and kept at it, and really stopped. I’m so proud of how the team reacted and kept cool.”

Going into Friday’s meet, Thomas was 10 minutes away from achieving the 27-year-old NCAA record for the most in a career scored by Jenny Hansen of Kentucky in 1996 and matched by UCLA’s Jimmy Dancher in 2004. Thomas has 12 Perfect points on 10 floors.

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