Florida store shooting: Gunman motivated by racial “hate” kills 3

The gunman who opened fire Saturday at a store in Jacksonville, Fla., killing three black people, was motivated by racial “hate” before killing himself, the local sheriff said.

“He targeted a specific group, and that was black people.”, Sheriff DK Waters told a press conference that the racial motive was “very clear”. The statements left by the shooter, who was in his twenties and white, described him “Hateful Ideology”, According to Mr. Neer.

He said that one of his guns had swastikas painted by hand.

The gunman, wearing a tactical vest and armed with an assault rifle and a handgun, opened fire inside the Dollar General store, the sheriff said, killing two men and a woman.

“We know he acted completely alone.”Mr. Waters promised.

Agent Sherry Onks said the FBI will investigate the facts as a hate crime.

A shooting involving black students occurred near Edward Waters University.

He saw a campus security officer “No ID” Near the university library, he kept “Told you to leave”, explained the establishment in a press release. The man, who later turned out to be the shooter, left the scene “Without incident”.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, spoke of the crime as a “heinous” crime and called the perpetrator “rotten,” while saying the shooter chose his victims “based on race.”

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“This is totally unacceptable”he added.

“This man killed himself without taking responsibility for his actions (…) so he chose the path of cowardice”Again the governor inaugurated.

There are more personal firearms in the United States than there are residents, mainly because Americans have easy access to them. One in three adults owns at least one firearm, and nearly one in two adults lives in a household with a firearm.

The result of this proliferation is that the United States has one of the highest rates of gun deaths compared to other developed countries.

Several shootings took place over the weekend in the country.

Earlier Saturday, at least seven people were hospitalized after a shooting at a Caribbean festival in Boston (Northeast).

Earlier in the day, two women were shot and injured in Chicago (North) while attending a game of the White Sox, the Major League Baseball team in North America.

On Friday night, an argument on the sidelines of a high school American football game in Oklahoma (center) escalated, leaving a 16-year-old victim shot dead and four others injured, local police said.

The White House said President Joe Biden received a briefing on the incidents in Jacksonville and other shootings within 24 hours.

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