Fishermen find “spy” balloon in Alaska | the world

Fishermen have found an object off the coast of Alaska that US officials believe may be a spy balloon. They are working to bring him back to shore, three sources close to the matter told CNN. The fishermen shared photos of the object with the police and citing the same sources, the exact nature of the object is currently unknown.

The FBI believed the material, similar to a foreign power's spy balloon, was enough to warrant further investigation, CNN writes. The ship is expected to arrive at the port later this week. FBI agents will retrieve the material and take it to the FBI laboratory in Quantico, West Virginia for further analysis.

At this point, as CNN makes clear, it's unclear which fishing boat was caught. The US news channel reported that the FBI had no comment. The exact location where the ball was found has not been released.

As a reminder, last year a Chinese spy balloon entered US airspace and the US Air Force took it down. According to the US, the balloon was part of a Chinese military spying program. China has denied the allegation, saying it was a floating weather balloon.

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