First Belgians take the lead in Ukraine: “I will kick Putin’s butt”

A minibus departed this Thursday from the Ukrainian Embassy in Brussels. On the ship, seven people living in Belgium set out to fight against the Russian army.

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ICrowds of journalists line his sidewalk in front of the Ukrainian embassy. The country, which had been invaded by the Russian military for a week, was eager to highlight the first foreign volunteers to leave Belgium to fight. And even worse if the first seven people who leave do not like such media coverage.

“I’ve burned two pockets of cigarettes since last night,” said D., a 23-year-old student from Brussels, and his new brother, P.M. The first to join the fire brigade very soon admitted, “I’m putting myself in it.” “I was never armed. But I have two years of first aid training. That is my added value, and that is what I am going to give to the Ukrainians. With one weapon I would be more worried than anything. Now, if it is necessary to pick up a weapon, it is necessary … ”, the Belgian continues.

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