Fires in France: 19-year-old firefighter accused of setting about thirty fires

A young volunteer firefighter, originally from the Gironde, was jailed this Sunday for “destruction by fire”. He is suspected of being responsible for 31 fires that broke out between July 29 and August 21.

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UA volunteer firefighter in the Gironde, a 19-year-old student, was jailed on Sunday accused of “destruction by fire”, suspected of causing about thirty fires in the Médoc, Bordeaux’s public prosecutor pointed out in a communication.

Arrested on Friday morning, the young man from Lesparre-en-Médoc (Gironde) and a volunteer firefighter in Soulac-sur-mer admitted his involvement “in part” while in police custody, according to the same source.

The judge accused him of being the originator of 31 fires that occurred between July 29 and August 21, which he was prosecuted for “causing harm to persons by destroying trees, forests, hills, maquis or other plantations by fire.”, acts punishable by fifteen years of criminal imprisonment. .

A “voluntary and criminal character”

During this summer, thirty fires of “voluntary and criminal nature” were observed “in a restricted geographical area north of the Medoc”, in Soulac-sur-mer, Le Verdon-sur-mer, Grayant. -et -l’Hôpital, Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc and Vensac, according to the prosecution.

Around 45 gendarmes were mobilized during this period and the investigation was carried out by the Research Brigade of the Lesbar Institute and the Research Unit of Bordeaux. According to the prosecutor, the alleged arsonist “confirmed his confession” before the trial magistrate who served him with his charge sheet on Sunday.

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He was later remanded in pretrial custody, complying with prosecution requests.

The Gironde suffered two major fires this summer in La Teste-de Buch (7,000 hectares in July) and Landiras (13,800 hectares in July, then 7,400 hectares in August).

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