Far-right Israeli ministers threaten to quit Benjamin Netanyahu’s government if ceasefire is agreed

Israeli far-right ministers threatened on Saturday, June 1, to quit Benjamin Netanyahu’s government if a cease-fire deal with the Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip is reached. In news on X, National Defense Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said his party would do so “dissolve the government” If agreement is reached, the proposal is qualified “Victory to Terrorism and Danger to Israel’s Security”. Bezalel Smodrich, the finance minister told him “We will not participate in a government that accepts the proposed plan.”. Follow our live stream.

Mediators are calling on Israel and Hamas to “finalize” a deal. LQatari, American and Egyptian negotiators jointly called on both sides to agree on a plan announced by US President Joe Biden on Friday. “Ceasefire in Gaza and Release of Hostages and Prisoners”According to a joint statement issued in Cairo and Doha.

Thousands of Israelis in the streets. Many Israeli citizens protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

Rafa is still under fire. The Israeli air force and artillery bombarded the town of Rafah on Saturday. They have continued their offensive despite protests from the international community concerned about civilians in the city in the south of the Gaza Strip. Activity is concentrated in the Tal al-Sultan district, west of the city.

Three Phase Ceasefire Agreement. According to Joe Biden, The “Road Map” The first involves a six-week ceasefire with the withdrawal of the Israeli army “From all the population areas of Gaza”, but some hostages are still free. In the second phase, the US president spoke about the shutdown “Allowed” hostilities and the release of all hostages. Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip will take place in the third and final phase.

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Chile “joins” South Africa in claim against Israel at ICJ. The International Court of Justice, which South Africa took over in late December, ordered Israel in January to do everything in its power to prevent any genocide and allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, to the extent of ordering a ceasefire.

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