ExpressVPN is now available for Apple TV

One big use for VPNs is to watch region-locked content, but until recently, you couldn’t use them on Apple TV devices. This is now changing with the help of one of the biggest names in VPNs, ExpressVPN, Which was issued that it App for tvOS. ExpressVPN will allow Apple TV users to connect to servers “in any of 105 countries around the world” so they can watch shows and movies and know that the IP address being reported to external servers is not theirs.

To download it, you’ll need to make sure you’re using tvOS 17 — previous versions don’t support native VPN apps at all. Once set up, the app will route your traffic through remote servers before forwarding it to any other streaming service or internet server your Apple TV is connected to. ExpressVPN on Apple TV uses the company’s Lightway protocol.

Reddit users You mentioned discovering the app last week. Most said they could switch countries to get around region restrictions, though some had problems logging in or launching the app with certain apps. It’s also a basic experience that lacks advanced VPN features like split tunneling, which dynamically applies a VPN connection to certain services as needed, freeing users from managing it manually. (It is worth noting that this feature unavailable In newer versions of macOS, too.) ExpressVPN says new features will be Available for beta testers.

When Apple added native VPN support earlier this year, the company made it seem like that was the case Mainly for business and education users, which led to the discontinuation of another popular VPN provider, NordVPN. Now that it’s clear that ordinary people can use it in ordinary ways, NordVPN representative Egidios Jorgelionis said the edge In an email message It’s on board and plans to release an Apple TV app in the “foreseeable future,” which is an encouraging sign for the Apple device. PureVPN and other smaller names VPN apps have also been released recently For the platform.

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You can make your Apple TV Brazilian if you want.
Image: ExpressVPN

Although VPNs are great things, it’s worth remembering that tangling your internet connection can slow things down. If you have a really slow internet plan, streaming with a VPN turned on may result in lower video or audio quality. As much as users enjoy bypassing region restrictions, streaming services don’t agree so much.

ExpressVPN also announced that it has updated its Android TV app, which now has QR code login, dark mode, and tweaks to make it easier to change server locations.

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