Europol faces its own police conundrum with the disappearance of key documents

The documents, which contained the personal information of the agency's senior officials, Catherine de Bolle, and her three deputy directors, Jürgen Ebner, André Linita, and Jean-Philippe Lekoff, were kept in a safe located in a secure room. Only a few people know the code. However, nearly seven months after the agency became aware of the absence of these files, the person responsible has yet to be identified… Meanwhile, the agency's head of human resources, Massimiliano Pettin, has been suspended from his duties. The information contained in these documents is traditionally stored by his department.

Europol launches call for witnesses for one of Europe's most wanted Frenchmen: “He knows how to handle weapons and live with very few resources”

An ongoing mystery

Europol has confirmed the matter, saying it is very serious. But the agency does not know exactly how, when and for what reason these files were extracted. According to PoliticsPart of the documents were recovered when a citizen dropped them off at a police station after they were found abandoned in a public place in The Hague.

The revelation could damage the image of the institution, which plays a key role in cooperation between member states to fight crime. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between national police forces to investigate criminal networks (drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, child crime, etc.). In early March, Europol announced that 57 men had been arrested for possessing violent images against children during an operation organized by the European Office last fall. Twenty-seven countries participated, including Belgium.MU

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