“Europe Risks Destruction in Conflict with Russia”

At a conference in Berlin, the man who teaches at the University of Potsdam declared that Europe risks being “destroyed” if there is a conflict with the Russians. Sönke Neitzel explains that the main problem is logistical and even calls it a “nightmare” in this regard. Neither the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) nor the German economy was prepared for war with Russia. “The necessary preparations will take at least 15 years. If the Russians attack before then, it will end badly,” he explains.

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German generals attending this special defense conference also supported the professor’s views that NATO would not win the “first war” on its eastern flank because it would have difficulty sending troops and equipment to the front line very quickly.

“It’s absolutely clear: If our armed forces go to war, they will die if they don’t have enough drones, air defense or supplies,” says Sonke Neitzel. The latter launched an appeal to the German government: “We need more money, we need more personnel. We cannot rule out that our armed forces must fight.”

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