Europe has accused Russia of carrying out cyber-attacks for the first time

The European Union (EU) has accused Russian officials of carrying out a cyber-attack against a satellite network just hours before it was due to invade Ukraine. This is the first time the EU has publicly accused the Russian government of carrying out a cyber attack, European diplomat Joseph Borel told a news conference in Brussels.

“Russia’s unprovoked and unwanted aggression on February 24, 2022, an hour before the military occupation”Underlines the EU in a declaration on behalf of the 27 member states. “The attack caused significant disruptions in communications affecting public services, businesses and civilian users in Ukraine, as well as several EU member states.”She recalled. “The European Union and its member states, along with its international partners, strongly condemn the Russian Federation’s malicious cyber activity against Ukraine, which has targeted the KA-SAT satellite network operated by Vizat.”Adds text. “We can blame it on the Russian government.”Joseph Borel said.

The European Union (EU) has said no cyber-attacks have been reported “From within Russia”But without blaming the Russian authorities. “The EU, in close collaboration with its allies, is considering taking further steps to prevent, prevent, prevent and respond to such malicious behavior in cyberspace.”The report says.

The attack on US satellite operator Viasat has pushed thousands of Internet users offline in Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Poland.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia invaded its pro-Western neighborhood and tried to oust its leaders. The offensive has now lasted more than two months and the opposition of the Ukrainians has inflicted heavy casualties on the Russian military, forcing it to re-center its offensive in the east of the country. The military and experts fear that Russia’s war in Ukraine could lead to a wave of catastrophic cyber attacks that could have a global impact. But as the observed attacks appear to be within their impact and geographical range, the worst situation has so far been avoided.

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