Estelle Mouzin’s father responds to Monique Olivier’s conviction: “Evil has a serious dimension”

Although he is satisfied with the sentence, Estelle Moussin’s father remains mixed. “We have not received any responses. The clogs in Monique Olivier’s head she can’t deliver them. We were hungry“, he said. Eric Mouzin hoped to get information about the whereabouts of Estelle’s body, which has yet to be found. “Because we didn’t have an answer, we fell to the bottom of the hole”, he continues.

Eric Moussin also regretted the course of the investigation and said “The way the questions were asked, it was not in line with the reality”. “It is even more exceptional to stop the presiding judge from saying, ‘It is not proper to do that, I am going to ask questions of my client.’“, Estelle’s father declares.

“I knew she was going to die”: Monique Oliver breaks silence on Estelle Moussin affair

Eric Moussin expresses the difficulty of attending such an inquiry. “Listen to this (Estelle’s Kidnapping Story, Editor’s Note) From Monique Olivier’s mouth, it might be even harder. But it’s the absurdity of the couple’s behavior that’s most shocking. […] There is a kind of extreme dimension to evil“, Estelle’s father explains. Regarding Monique Olivier’s excuses, Eric Mouzin explains that he doesn’t know what to think about it.

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