Eric Bischoff rates Cody Rhodes vs. WWE. Brock Lesnar story

Brock Lesnar took his loss to “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam like good sport, raising Cody’s hand in victory at the conclusion of their four-month saga, which saw the two stars wrestle to three massive matches. In the last episode of “83 weeks” Bischoff evaluated the rubber match between Rhodes and Lesnar.

“The match itself was exceptional,” Bischoff said. The improvisation ending, if it was indeed an improvisation ending I had me believe it was, with Brock finally raising Cody’s hand and endorsing Cody even after that fight – after Cody beat Brock. I can’t believe anyone could have watched this thing and gone Away, “Yeah, but there’s no story there. ‘Oh my God. It was phenomenal.'”

Digging deeper into his analysis, Bischoff praised Lesnar for putting Rhodes in such a believable way. While Rhodes has a reputation for impressive resilience in the ring, Bischoff is steadfast in his belief that Rhodes has been the underdog throughout the course of their storyline. Rhodes positioned himself with the odds stacked against him, while Lesnar played to his physical advantage when he delivered a brutal attack on Rhodes. Lesnar also taunted Rhodes, sarcastically urging him to save himself from further punishment. In the end, Rhodes fought back and overcame the odds to kill “The Beast”. For these efforts, Bischoff praises the two men.

“This was one of the best stories I’ve seen in a long time to come out on pay-per-view,” Bischoff said. “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Hats off to Brooke. I want to say I’m proud of Cody, but I had nothing to do with him, so there’s nothing to be proud of. But there’s a lot I’m proud of for Cody Rhodes. I’m so proud of him.”

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