Emmanuel Macron’s secret lunch makes headlines in France

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Journalist Yves Roger revealed this information on the program “Cmedia” on France 5. He said “a meeting of all will. Guillaume Tabard (Le Figaro), Dominique Seux (France Inter, Les Echos), Françoise Fressoz (Le Monde), Nathalie Saint-Cricq (France Télévisions)… The aim of the Elysee is Emmanuel Macron, to pour out the good word He gives ten of the most influential journalists of the Parisian press the elements of language that influence the president’s word opinion and why it should not.

Yves Roger explains that the condition for this secret lunch to take place was set from the beginning by Emmanuel Macron: journalists could not reveal their meeting with him or be quoted in the media. This may not be enough as the existence of this lunch will be revealed on a public service television channel a few days later.

The controversy quickly erupted in France. Eddy Plenell, the popular director of investigative site Mediapart, describes “government journalism”. For good reason, all the teachers invited to this lunch accepted the invitation and, in the following days, took up elements of Emmanuel Macron’s language in the media. As an example, Yves Roger cites the French president’s formula of denying “irresponsible success,” which the head of the French administration cleverly used during this lunch to discredit opponents of his pension reform.

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