Emmanuel Macron vows not to implement electoral reform “by force”.

New Caledonian government condemns “intolerable” inflation in businesses

Many businesses are taking advantage of the security crisis that has rocked New Caledonia to overprice, including regulated products. “Unacceptable and Intolerable”Thursday condemned the local government for its proposed imposition “Control Measures”.

“Faced with the current situation, some traders are taking advantage of the situation to inflate the prices of their products, some of which are regulated, making this practice completely illegal”Collegium Government wrote in a press release.

“This practice is still unacceptable and intolerable.” That “Unity and collective responsibility must take priority”The outbreak of violence has rocked the archipelago for more than a week, while fears of food and medicine shortages run rampant.

Emmanuel Macron announced one of the priorities of his lightning visit to New Caledonia on Thursday. “Normal maintenance, provision, feeding”.

“I know that many people today are affected by a very difficult situation. Either some of our comrades are sick, or others are too hard to eat today.He said on the tarmac of Nouméa International Airport.

order “Government will take strict price control measures to protect consumers from all forms of abuse”, for its part, wrote the New Caledonian government, without providing details or a timetable. He said to himself “Determined to preserve purchasing power” Caledonians and Traders Remembered “The Importance of Implementing Controlled, Fair and Reasonable Prices”.

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