Emmanuel Macron reveals his identity card on social networks and is called to order

Navalny's death: Emmanuel Macron tackles the Kremlin

Why not share your identity card online

Internet users did not fail to make fun of the face of Emmanuel Macron, who, like many, did not appear in his best light on his identity card. But it was a tweet that had nothing to do with the head of state's appearance that caused a stir: it was a cyber security expert. Baptiste Robert, CEO of an organization that fights misinformation, retweeted the president's tweet, calling him to order: “Posting your ID on social networks is a bad practice and should not be encouraged“.

The French president was careful to erase the sensitive data on his identity card from the photo. But not everyone who puts their identity documents online thinks about it, so if exposed, they could easily be used for identity theft. In general, you should avoid posting official personal documents (license, pay slip, tax return, etc.) on social networks or online. If you are obliged to share these types of documents with third parties on the Internet, there are several ways to protect your data. Specifically, add a watermark that prevents your documents from being used for anything other than what you intended.

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