Emma Stone Is Welcomed to the Five-Timers Club By Tina Fey and Candice Bergen – Deadline

Emma Stone nailed it Saturday Night Live Club Five Times and was hosted by Tina Fey and Candice Bergen.

the Bad things The star hosted the NBC sketch show for the fifth time and became one of a handful of celebrities to join the club and received her five-time jacket as an honor.

“It’s great to be back. It’s my fifth time hosting SNL“It’s always been my favorite show and ever since I started hosting it it’s also been a big part of my life,” Stone said at the top of her monologue. I’ve made so many memories here and so many friends. And until I met my husband in… SNL“.

Stone joked that her husband was a “great show for the camera” and “likes the cameras to cut to him” with the cameras cutting to producer Lorne Michaels.

Fey made her way to the stage when Stone said she was “honored to be part of the Five Timers Club.”

“At 35 years old, you are officially the youngest member,” Fay said of Stone joining the club. “I’m the second youngest at 53 years old.”

Faye noted that it was Bergen who came up with the idea of ​​”adding a women’s section” to the Five-Timers Club. Bergen will next appear alongside Fey and Stone.

Stone asked Bergen how it felt to be in the women’s section of the Five Times Club, and the book club star replied: “It’s got everything. It’s got bathrooms, a dressing room, and a big picture with eyes cut out so Martin Short can peek in.” .

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When Stone asked if she could peek into the man’s section, Bergen said she “looked in there once and saw a ventriloquist with a ventriloquist’s dummy staring at her” another time.

“Oh no, that’s John Mulaney,” Faye quipped.

Stone finally got her five-hour jacket and noticed a joint in one of the pockets and Bergen said, “That must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket.”

However, Stone reached into his pocket again and found a vaccine card there, and Faye quipped, “Oh, it’s definitely not Woody’s card.”

Watch the SNL The monologue is in the video posted below.

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