Emile’s Disappearance: “Yes, he’s speeding through the fields”, says the suspicious young farmer’s friend

Faced with this impasse, investigators are exploring all avenues. Thus, a young farmer from the area recently caught the attention of the police due to his “interesting” profile. The latter is “inconsistent with local codes” and is already associated with the Petty Crimes Act. He will be charged with dangerous driving while behind the wheel of his agricultural machinery.

But Samuel,One of a young farmer’s best friends”, In 66 minutes he testifies in front of the cameras of our colleagues and declares his friend’s innocence. He describes it as “Local Youth at Work” and that “Don’t disturb anyone.” We need more youths like him”, he adds.

Little Emile’s Disappearance: Should We Rule Out a Domestic Incident Concealed by the Family? “Everything can still change”

Samuel explains the farmer’s dangerous driving:Yes, sometimes he is in a hurry. To make hay, shear, throw away the bales. For all that, it would disturb the boy. But he was always careful in the village. Yes, he drives fast through the fields!

Samuel later explains that his friend was at his farm when Emily disappeared. Located a few kilometers from Haute-Vernet, Samuel argues: “It Being in two places at once can be complicated. I don’t know how he could have driven on the little Emile or had an accident knowing that he was three kilometers away.

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