Emile’s Disappearance: The Blockade Village, People Hiding Behind Shutters, Devoted Family and Dad, “What Do They Have to Hide?”

Mysteriously, in Haut-Vernet, people hide behind their shutters. Also, Emily’s father’s profile raises questions.

A week after little Emily disappeared with her grandparents during a reunion that brought together a dozen uncles and aunts, the crime trail gained weight. In this context, not only the village but also the family is a suspect target on the part of a French people still traumatized by the affair of little Gregory Villemin.

Emily and Gregory. © DR

The hamlet of Haut-Vernet is in dire straits today. Since Friday, it has been cordoned off by gendarmes. The city’s mayor, François Paulique, explained that the decision was taken “to protect families and attract interested tourists”.

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First, humanity legitimizes this decision. Mystery dramas always produce their share of unhealthy behavior. Also, we know that fake kitties have been opened online under the name of Émile. The public prosecutor threatened to open an investigation into the fraud.

But wasn’t the hamlet also closed for the purpose of investigation? And, at the same time marginalizing investigative journalists?

The ghettoization of places really raises questions. According to BFMTV’s police-justice consultant Dominique Risset, “filtering” may not be suspicious. “People have to ask themselves if there’s something to hide. Why don’t we have access to this place? What’s going on behind the shutters? Does anyone know something?”

Disappearance of little Emile: Digne’s lawyer will not open a judicial inquiry “for the time being”.

Another confusing element: the profile of Emil’s dad. During the search, many volunteers collected clues along with the police and Emil’s family. Many question the attitude of Emil’s father during this excavation. “He was well dressed which surprised us. He wore a turtleneck, and dress pants. He was very bossy and would raise his voice to reprimand people he thought didn’t have the right attitude. This surprised everyone a bit.”

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Emile’s father was a former member of the Action Franchise and a very active activist in a small group called the Boston Social Marseille, a far-right association. In 2018, he was brought before an Aix-en-Provence court for allegedly assaulting people of foreign origin. He was finally released. In 2021, during the regional elections, his name appeared on the electoral list in favor of Eric Zemor.

We also know that a very pious family, accused by the locals of being “sectarian”, lived in a very prudent manner, “almost self-sufficient”. In this kind of configuration, the wildest imaginations always find fertile ground…

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