Emile’s Disappearance: Mental illness in the region, frightened parents reluctant to go out with their children and colonies under close surveillance

On July 8, 2023, two-and-a-half-year-old Emile went missing in Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). After that, there was no trace of the boy. All hypotheses are at the moment examined by the investigators in charge of the case, including the perpetrator. On Monday, the trial went under preliminary investigation regime. BFMTV Me Mourad Battikh, a criminal lawyer at the bar from Paris, “doesn’t need people’s consent to go home (and check) if there’s no small email in the cellar or the attic”.

Emil’s death: “We have only one fear, he passed a farm machine”

The situation worries many parents or vacationers in the area, says BFM TV. Many are still vigilant.

The owner of an educational farm located in a village of 125 people observed that: Despite the tragedy, we get a lot of calls from people who are worried about whether they can bring their two-and-a-half- or three-year-olds to our park and have a good day.Interview by francelive.fr.

Emile’s Disappearance: Anagrim, the software used by investigators to find the boy, and reopen the case of little Gregory Willem.

In the tourist and leisure areas of the area, tension prevails. “ Although we are already very careful, we worry too much and pay too much attention. If we don’t see him for two seconds, we are very worried, whereas, before we return, we saw him and that’s it.A mother who visited Lake Serre-Ponçon (Hautes-Alpes) testified.

Emile’s Disappearance: The Blockade Village, People Hiding Behind Shutters, Devoted Family and Dad, “What Do They Have to Hide?”

At surrounding summer camps, supervisors no longer take their eyes off the children. Since Emily’s disappearance, surveillance has intensified.

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Many of the animators are in pairs or even threes, and one animator must be in constant contact when bringing the child to the toilet or the other. These children are not from the mountains or Vernet, they know neither the place nor the people”, describes Anouar to rtl.fr. “For the group of teenagers, we asked them to stay in groups of two or three and not go for a walk alone.”, continues this deputy director of a colony.

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