Elijah Mitchell, Cordell Patterson, Keren Williams, and more

As we approach the halfway point of the 2022 fantasy football season, there are some interesting injury updates for injured reserve players that we need to keep in mind. With the likes of Elijah Mitchell and Cordarrelle Patterson in the NFL IR, there’s a lot of fantastical talent out there right now.

Let’s examine when Mitchell, Patterson, as well as the likes of Keren Williams, Sammy Watkins, Trillon Burks and Van Jefferson might be able to make a comeback.

Injury IR Latest Updates for Week 7

Is Elijah Mitchell scheduled to return this week?

When Mitchell was put on IR after the first week of the 2022 NFL season, there was some hope that he might be able to make a comeback sooner. The player must miss at least four matches. However, we’ve seen the sixth week window pass, and now all eyes are on whether Mitchell is able to return to the field in week seven.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this will be the case. During an interview before their week six game against the Atlanta Falcons, head coach Kyle Shanahan told NBC Sports Matt Mayuko that the team is targeting a team Back to Mitchell after farewell week.

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Goodbye to the 49th week, so the news is somewhat mixed. We know that Mitchell will likely not be available for at least three weeks to the directors of Fantasia. However, it looks as though the managers can hope to get him back for the fictional regular season finale and play-off games.

That could provide a good boost to fantasy teams, assuming Mitchell returns as a major in the back. Jeff Wilson Jr. led the way in Mitchell’s absence with 400 yards and two touchdowns in 81 lunge attempts. However, he struggled in Week 6, with only 25 yards in seven lunging attempts, and lost his second confusion this year.

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We don’t know for sure if Mitchell will be back as a start. However, four weeks is a long time in the NFL, and things with the 49ers attacking could look very different. For now, you should be looking for Hide Mitchell on your list, and hopefully, IR. If he returns as a starter, his fictional value will likely exceed the value you would get from anyone in the waiver wire now.

When can Cordarrell Patterson return to the Hawks?

Unfortunately, the directors of Fantasia will be without Patterson for at least another two weeks. Patterson is ineligible to return from IR until Week 9 as he deals with his knee injury. He played through a knee injury in Week 4 but was put on IR immediately after that match. Once he returns, Patterson should be a player fantasy managers are looking to get back into their squad.

In Patterson’s absence, we saw Tyler Allgeier and Caleb Huntley take on the burden. Allgeier has had 28 trips for 96 yards in the last two weeks, while Huntley has 25 trips for 93 yards. Both are scattered touches and neither sees targets, so it’s hard to rely on either of them for fantasy managers.

Additionally, we could see Damien Williams return from a rib injury as soon as this week. After being placed in IR with injury after the first week, Williams was eligible to return last week. However, it appears the Hawks were cautious with the veteran last week against the 49ers.

When Williams returns, he will likely take on a certain level of role on the panel we see. It is difficult to predict what this role will be and who will deal with the touches. His potential presence in the seventh week makes initiating any of these props much more difficult for fantasy directors.

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Could we see Keren Williams or Van Jefferson soon for the Rams?

The Los Angeles Rams bid farewell in Week 7, but their RB position was in focus. With the news that Cam Akers could be traded, it looks like they have an open place for second-round RB behind Darrell Henderson Jr. Watch.

On Monday, Rams coach Sean McVeigh told reporters that Williams might be able to practice A week later, the team bid farewell. Williams is currently dealing with an ankle injury, and his schedule appears less certain than some of the Rams’ other options. Once LA signs Williams to return, they will have a 21-day window to activate him. So even if we see Williams back in training in week eight, we may not see him active until week nine or ten.

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The news regarding Van Jefferson appears to be more promising as he is dealing with a knee injury. Jefferson was added to the IR with a knee injury prior to Week 3. Therefore, he has spent his four-game stint in the IR and is eligible to return immediately after farewell in Week 8.

On Monday, October 17, McVeigh told reporters that he believes Jefferson may be one of five players who will return after farewell. With the Rams’ attack struggling and desperately in need of a consistent secondary option to capture the pass, Jefferson could be a fictional value going forward.

If you have a spare IR spot, Jefferson might be a player hiding it after running the exemption wire this week. He’ll be on IR until week 7, so it won’t take a place on your active list while LA’s bye.

What other infrared triggers should we watch?

There are three other players in international relations who are likely to return with fantastical value. Sammy Watkins put on several strong performances before a hamstring injury forced him into the IR. Watkins is eligible for a comeback in week seven and is seen running on the field before the Green Bay Packers game in week six. He is set to return to training on October 9, and the Packers have 21 days to activate back to an active roster.

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While it was an intriguing fictional option prior to his injury, Watkins may have seen Romeo Dobbs assume his primary place while he was away. So, despite Randall Cobb losing through injury, fantasy managers shouldn’t assume that Watkins will return to play 60+ percent of offensive shots in Green Bay.

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We’ll have to wait until at least Week 10 to see Treylon Burks back on the field dealing with a toe injury. Burks’ fictional value was limited for the first four weeks, so it’s not a high priority hideout if you have a lot of competition for your IR spots or need space on your seat while you deal with your farewell weeks.

Ty Montgomery is the British royal actor to be watched by fantasy directors in the coming weeks. With Damien Harris dealing with a hamstring injury, the Patriots are leaning toward Ramander Stevenson, with Kevin Harris and Pierre Strong Jr. providing support.

We could see Montgomery back in practice as soon as this week. He was eligible to come back last week but wasn’t quite ready to get back into training. When he returns to the field, Montgomery could have Flex’s value in the 14-team leagues if Harris remains absent.

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