Elden Ring Speedrunner beats the game in 12 minutes 37 seconds


picture: FromSoftware

Yesterday, YouTuber and speedrunner MitChriz beats elden ring in just 12 minutes and 32 seconds, setting what appears to be a new record in theie % is unrestrictedThe sprint category of the game.

To pull this off, you probably already guessed that there are some tricks and deceptions going on while running. And you will be correct. dead craze used elden ring The sprint trick is called “squeeze” to teleport around the world. This saves a lot of time compared to running all over or even using your own double jumper.

Using this trick, MitChriz manages to bypass the Limgrave section of the game and then appears straight to Liurnia, where they use the now accessible road gate to reach the late game area. Using the trick of pressing, they then bypass all but one of the bosses and reach the final boss in record time. Using a zip trick, they also skip the boss fight and finish the game in less than 13 minutes.

And here I remember last month when I thought about hitting elden ring In 37 minutes he was fast.

You may be wondering: Wait… What is the pressure? Well, it’s a sprint technique Which has become more and more popular lately among runners who have focused on setting new records in the ie % is unrestricted category elden ring. In this sprint category, players are not required to complete all steps, obtain all runes, or do anything else that is normally required to progress through the game. The main objective in these types of rounds is to reach the end and get the credits as fast as you can using any possible method and tricks.

Moreover, in the category of unrestricted Really brutal and hard Methods such as pressure –Which requires Fat PCPermissible.

BBefore someone gets angry at MitChriz for using glitches or tricks to beat the game, remember that this is just one kind of speedRun existing category for elden ring And that other players set times for runs that involve hitting each boss or Don’t get hurtetc.

Now I’m waiting for someone to hit elden ring In less than 10 minutes.

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