Drunk young mother throws her baby to the ground in front of train conductors

According to Daily Information MIDI-freeA young mother lost her temper on a train about to enter Beziers station in France when a conductor asked her for a train ticket.

The mother, who was intoxicated, threw her 6-month-old baby on the ground. A shocking gesture led the controller to stop the train at Beziers to bring in the police.

On the spot, the police had a lot of difficulty in arresting the young woman who was repeatedly beaten. However, they later put her in a police suit and took her to the hospital. A thrilling ride since the young woman broke the windshield of the police vehicle.

Considering the mother’s behavior, the police decided to place her on a stretcher and tie her up to avoid further agitation, but the latter managed to break the bands on her wrists.

Faced with this critical situation, the police and nurses provided calm treatment.

At this time, the 6-month-old was taken to the pediatric emergency room, where the first observations revealed signs of violence. No information about the child’s health is filtered out.

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