“Dragon House” ends with beheading and a great misunderstanding

Warning: spoilers ahead of Episode 8 of Dragon House.

It was a tense and confusing family reunion during episode 8 of Dragon House Entitled “Lord of the Tides,” the whole family gathers in Westeros to decide who will be the next Driftmark master and head of House Velaryon. All the drama and controversy came to A headwhen Sea Snake’s brother, Vaemond Velaryon, said the one thing no one’s supposed to say.

Faymond, who was largely against the sons of Rhinera being heirs to the throne, exclaimed, “And damn the gods, I won’t see that it’s over because of this…Her children are bastards! And she’s a whore!”

“I’ll have your tongue for that,” said King Viserys. Although before he could stand up, the demon (the king’s brother) cut off the upper half of Vamond’s head clean and said, “He can keep his tongue.”

The devil had unexpectedly and shockingly decapitated Faymond is everything Dragon House Fans live for him, so there have been plenty of comments on Twitter from viewers praising Daemon:

However, the fans’ delight was short-lived, as the episode ended with King Viserys on his deathbed, disconcerting Alicent to Princess Rhaenyra, telling her that he believed in Aegon I’s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy about the “Prince He Promised”. . “

Says Viserys to Alicent, assuming it’s you, Rhaenyra. “You are the one. You must do this.” In Viserys’ mind, he tells Rhaenyra that he believes she He is the one who will unite the kingdom and continue the Targaryen line. However, Aliscent believes that the king is talking to her and points to their son Aegon II, saying that he should be the heir to the throne.

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Does it seem confusing? Well, it’s apparently Aliscent who is seen in next week’s episode preview saying, “He told me he wishes Egon was king.” So a small, but big, misunderstanding is apparently what will lead to Dance of Dragons and epic drama next week.

Dragon House It airs on Sundays at 9 pm HBO.

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