Donna Kelsey reacts to Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Oath' and songs about Travis Kelsey

Posted: 4:30 AM PDT, April 25, 2024

Donna Kelsey In her Swiftie era. Travis KelseyHer mom shares her review of Taylor Swiftnew album, Section of tortured poetsAnd answer questions about songs that fans have doubts about Maybe she wrote about her son.

“I listened to the whole album, and I listened to it all morning when it came out,” Donna said. the people At QVC's “Age of Possibility” Summit in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

“I was very touched,” she added. “She is a very talented woman, and I think this is probably her best work.”

Donna also spoke with we weekly At the event, she told the outlet that she plans to reach out to Taylor to talk about music.

“I know there are a few [songs] “Which some people think it has to do with Travis but we'll just see,” she said. “You know, I should ask her when I see her.”

Donna Kelsey at the QVC Quintessential 50 All-Female Celebrity Summit held at Formula 1 Headquarters on April 24, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. – Brenton Ho/Variety via Getty Images

Earlier this week, A source told ET Travis is among Taylor's biggest champions amid her album release.

“Travis is very supportive of the entire album and loves being a part of Taylor's story,” the source told ET. “He is Swifty through and through, and he is very proud of her.”

Swift surprised fans on Friday with the release of a surprise double album, releasing 31 brand-new songs into the world. Listeners were quick to focus on two new love songs, “Alchemy” And “Until high school“, which many believe is an ode to her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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In characteristic Swift style, the album is also full of heartbreaking songs — incl “So long, London” and “The Youngest Man Who Ever Lived” – which is rumored to be about her past relationships with him Joe Alwyn And Matty Healy. She also dropped a diss track titled “Thank you Amy“, which had fans Rehashing their years-long dispute with Kim kardashian Due to the obvious capitalization of “KIM” in the title.

“Expressing herself through her music has always been therapy for Taylor,” a source told ET. “It gives her an outlet to move forward, feel empowered, and turn her experiences into art.”

The album already exists On its way to its historic debutIt reportedly sold 1.4 million copies on its first day alone. Spotify announced on Wednesday that the album has surpassed 1 billion streams since its release.

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