“Donald Trump raped me,” a writer alleged during a hearing in New York

“I’m here,” she said, “more than 25 years after Donald Trump raped me.”

Then, quietly, the former Elle columnist continued: “When I wrote about it (in a 2019 book, editor’s note), he said it didn’t happen, he lied and ruined my reputation. I’m here. To get my life back.”

Donald Trump has sued for defamation in a US court on allegations of rape

Donald Trump has always denied these allegations, saying he had E. Jean either didn’t know Carroll or he assured her that he was “not his type”. The former president, who will probably not be present at the trial to give his version, took to his social network Truth Social to denounce the “newly concocted fraud”.

Alleged facts are time bound, but e. Jean Carroll was able to sue Donald Trump under a New York state law that allows sexual assault victims to reopen their civil lawsuits.

He is asking the jury to assess the amount of financial damages for “assault” but not “defamation” because of Donald Trump’s comments in the case.

E. Jean Carroll doesn’t remember the date of the attack, which detectives put in the spring of 1996, and there are no eyewitnesses who saw her with Donald Trump in the store.

One of Ee’s attorneys promised Tuesday that two friends she said would come to the bar to corroborate her account after the alleged facts. John Carroll.

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