Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to unlock WALL-E

Early in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can help WALL-E and invite him to live in their village.

The cute rusty robot comes from the beloved movie of the same name and is set in one of the opening worlds. Like all the other characters, it requires A lengthy task to complete.

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WALL-E is located in a little barren land at first. He’s trapped there and needs help fixing his traces, cleaning up the place and making it more lively With some plant life.

How to bring WALL-E to the village in Disney Dreamlight Valley

WALL-E wants to bring his kingdom to life before he leaves in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
WALL-E wants to bring his kingdom to life before he leaves in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Only a few objectives must be completed for the WALL-E mission to be considered completed Disney Dreamlight Valley. It may take a while without knowing where to find some items or how to perform actions.

Here is how one can help him feel comfortable enough to leave his kingdom and join the village:

  • Complete the Merlin quest to get 2,000 Dreamlights
  • Achievements that Dreamlight provides can be seen in the Dreamlight tab in the menu, such as fishing, gardening, making friends, and more
  • Use 2000 Dreamlights to unlock Dream Caste in the far north of the village
  • When given Merlin the choice, select to visit the world described as “a desolate planet with a shy robot.”
  • If another world is chosen in this initial Disney Dreamlight Valley, then the WALL-E world can be unlocked later for 3000 Dreamlights
  • Talk to WALL-E after arriving in his kingdom
  • Use the Shovel tool to extract items in the Rift Zones of the kingdom
  • One of them will have a door handle for the refrigerator
  • Interact with the worn out refrigerator to put the handle on it and open it to find the replacement WALL-E shelf
  • Go back to WALL-E, give him the path, and start dismantling the piles of junk and trash in the area
  • Collect 60 pieces of trash and craft them all into trash cubes at the crafting station
  • WALL-E is now asking to sow his own seeds
  • Look for seeds in refrigerators or by digging them up. Plant eight special seeds and water them all
  • WALL-E is still not convinced and will require gifts to increase his friendship level
  • Go back to the village and talk to Merlin who will suggest gifts to take to the robot
  • Find the ball inside Mickey’s house, catch the Sprout Boot near Goofy, swap two Garnets for a Scrooge McDuck fire extinguisher
  • Go back to WALL-E in his kingdom and give him gifts
  • Now he’ll want to live in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Village
  • Put his truck, which serves as his home, and pay to build it so that WALL-E moves in
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A sign is placed in front of the WALL-E HOUSE when it is located. It costs 2,000 Star Coins for Scrooge McDuck to accept and finish building.

After WALL-E has moved, players can visit him in his truck or find him wandering in the village. Talking to him and giving him additional gifts will increase his friendship level and give him more quests.

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