Direct – War in Ukraine: Russian forces seize territory, suspend gas supply

The Ukrainian army on Wednesday recognized the advance of Russian forces in the east of the country, capturing several small towns in the Kharkiv region and Donbass.

Russian forces are advancing from their already-controlled isthmus towards Lyman and one of the main cities in the region, Severdonetsk: they have captured Velika Komishovaka and Zhvody in the Kharkiv region, as well as Zarichne and Novotoskivsky. , In the Donetsk region, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said in its morning statement.

The Russian company Gosprom will suspend gas supplies to Bulgaria from Wednesday, the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday evening, citing the Russian state news agency DOS. The Bulgarian government refuses to comply with the supplier’s new requirements.

Gazprom’s decision follows closely the Russian company’s announcement that it will suspend supplies to Poland from 08:00 on Wednesday. Moscow is demanding the payment in rubles of a request already rejected by several countries, such as Germany, Austria and Poland.

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