Did Bradley Cooper ruin Taylor Swift’s girls’ night out?

Illustration: By The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

It’s been a big month for Taylor Swift’s notorious entourage, who have been on a big tour of the country’s trendy restaurants and Sushi joints. A series of group dinners with her hand-picked group of female celebrities has given us a lot to chew on, especially this weekend when Swift joined a concert. Loud night out With some familiar faces (Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid), some new faces (Sophie Turner, Brittany Mahomes), and… Bradley Cooper?

Cooper, who appears to be dating Swift’s longtime partner Hadid, was apparently tagged along with the girl gang on their Saturday night outing in New York. According to the timetables prepared by you several Popular newspapers, all the women headed to the BondST Japanese restaurant in the early evening, without Cooper. When they left the restaurant several hours later, witnesses claimed to have seen the actor calmly separate himself from the back of the group and get into Hadid’s car. at He says he then joined the girls at Zero Pond for a marathon night of clubbing, after which he and Hadid joined forces with Photographed Departure at 3am

For one thing, Hadid and Cooper have been dating for at least a month, and it looks like they’re getting pretty serious — he’s comfortable enough to wear his favorite TV-themed underwear in her presence. we Reports indicate that they even discussed setting up a play date for their daughters. One source speaks withPage sixHe described their relationship as “on steroids” and offered some helpful insight into their dynamic: “Bradley is getting older. “At some point, he might say, ‘I love waking up and seeing her face, and having a cup of coffee with her.’” Sure, this sounds like a morning after written by ChatGPT, but it probably beats clubbing with Eric Adams. . Nice for them.

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On the other hand: Who gave Hadid permission to bring this man to the camp? Isn’t there a no-friends policy governing Taylor’s powerful gatherings of influential women? Wouldn’t their presence be a curse to the entire atmosphere of this suspended girl? Just because Cooper The alleged one For Hadid to find “intellectually interesting,” should he share a spicy tuna roll with Selena Gomez? At the very least, he should be asked to invest in a good top first.

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