Diane Kruger Remembers Screen Test for ‘Troy’: ‘I Felt Like Meat’

To play the steel-edged movie CEO in the middle of “swimming with sharksRoku’s upcoming reboot of the classic woman-centric Hollywood movie, Diane Kruger She took a closer look at her own experiences in the show business.

From her early modeling career to breaking into feature films in an entirely different business landscape than the current one, Krueger has successfully weathered the ups and downs that define many successful careers. But in playing a movie executive, fond of throwing Louboutins on assistants and wanting to sell her mother upriver for a deal, she is shocked by differences in acceptable professional behavior over time.

Krueger said during a conversation at diverse SXSW A studio in town for the first show and panel surrounding “Swimming with Sharks”.

“I remember a test”Troy“,” she said of Brad Pitt’s 2003 car that launched Kroger into the US market, “and had to go to the studio chief in costume. I felt like meat, as I was looked up and down and asked, ‘Why do you think you should play this?'”

Krueger refused to name the top executive behind the Warner Brothers release. Many industry insiders said diverse It’s not terribly common for a star to have to introduce themselves in costume for an interview in the CEO’s office. Screen tests are often just – filmed – and later reviewed by studio leaders and producers.

She was put in positions that were very inappropriate and uncomfortable. I think when I started my fist, I felt like, this is what it feels like. This is what Hollywood looks like. I also come from modeling and believe me, they have their moments,” she said.

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Sparing Kruger any serious spoilers, one of Kruger’s most intense “Swimming With Sharks” moments involves a confrontation with her boss. He’s a sick creepy magnate effectively played by Donald Sutherland. On his sick bed, he demanded (request) that Krueger perform a sexual act on a young woman who serves as his nurse. Krueger adheres, but does not cut eye contact with Sutherland during the confrontation – staring at him very hard.

“Firing this scene was just a reminder of how disgusting and acceptable bad behavior is at a particular time in our society, not just Hollywood,” she said. “What really drew me to this part is that it’s Hollywood in 2022. So women have jobs, they put their families or desires behind. What does that mean once you’re in a position of power? How do you continue your life? The weakness of this character, along with this over-exploitation, was For power, something very interesting to me.”

‘Swimming With Sharks’ will premiere in full on April 15th on Roku. Watch the first trailer here.

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