Diablo 4 players want Blizzard to urgently fix the “insanely frustrating” mechanic.

Michelle Cornelia

One Diablo 4 player criticized this specific in-game mechanic as “insanely frustrating” because it prevents them from doing certain things.

Since Season of the Construct launched in Diablo 4 just a few weeks ago, the game has received numerous tweaks and bug fixes, as evidenced by some recent patch notes. However, some players are still asking for several things to be modified.

From correcting crafting requirements to adding a missing feature from the previous game, the list seems endless. Recently, a player also raised a “very frustrating” issue that hinders them when performing certain in-game actions.

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in Reddit threadthe user expressed his frustration regarding the guidance mechanism, referring to how he would be interrupted when taking damage mid-interaction.

“Scan the screen, grab the stone? A random damn spider comes out of the screen and spits at you for 1 dmg but cancels your channel,” they explained.

The user mentioned that random suffixes and projectiles in dungeons will also interrupt the channeling process quite often, but that's not even the worst part. They said: Have you been poisoned? Well, have fun, wait more than 10 seconds until the marks finally stop and then you can start guiding…”

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Annoyed by this, they suggested that players should be able to continue channeling despite taking damage. Users who commented on the topic appear to be divided on this idea. It seems that some of them agree to this, while others are not keen on it.

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Diablo 4 players are frustrated by the game's directional mechanics.

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“Agreed. Why do we need the 'capture important object' directive anyway, it's so weird,” one user wrote. Another user asked to remove the directive completely, because it's an “old system.”

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Some players have argued that the mechanic is part of the game. In the comments, one user noted that the goal was to prevent players from picking up something and leaving without killing anything.

“That's the whole point of the mechanic. You have to kill the mobs. I'm a grinding hater but even I don't bother with that,” said another.

Aside from that, some players don't seem to be bothered by it, with one claiming that it's okay to interrupt enemies. Although the damage from the poison after everything is dead is “a bit wonky.”

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