Diablo 4 developers know latest patch is ‘bad’ and won’t do it ‘again’

The latest patch for Diablo IV has been controversial, thanks to the large number of power-ups that have been applied to the player’s strength, such as critical damage and damage, cooldown time cuts, and more. The contractions have been so intense that some Nightmare Dungeons have become practically impossible to beat – a patch to aid in the treatment rolled out last week. Blizzard spoke about the patch via Campfire Chat, acknowledging that the team knows “it sucks” and won’t release updates like this “again”.

Blizzard outlines upcoming Diablo IV fixes to remedy controversial patch

While the latest patch was certainly infuriating, it’s refreshing to see Blizzard take responsibility for the bug and discuss ways to address the issues presented. during recent times Campfire chat“We know it sucks. We know it’s not fun. We ourselves know it’s not the greatest gaming experience for gamers out there,” said Adam Fletcher, co-director of community management. Fletcher went on to say that the team does not plan to release a patch like this “again”.

According to Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora, changes to cooldown and soft damage reduction were necessary so that they would no longer be the most important stats for meta builds, though Piepiora admits that power cuts are “never a good experience”. Game director Joe Shelley revealed that Blizzard’s goal is to make Diablo IV more fun for players. In the future, if something is broken in the game, it will be kept until there are “compelling alternatives” – unless it is an exploit or a bug, which will be quickly eliminated.

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Last Diablo IV blog post He reveals that Blizzard will “share patch notes at least a week before launch” so the team can have “meaningful conversations” with players. A new patch, 1.1.1, will be rolled out in the coming weeks to combat some of the changes introduced in update 1.1.0, which Blizzard will discuss in another Campfire Chat on July 28th.

Among the changes, we can expect to see changes to the legendary aspect for barbarians and wizards, higher levels of monster density in Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides, an additional Stash tab, increased elixir stack sizes, a 40% reduction in gold respect costs, increased experience gains from higher world levels, and more.

Season 1 kicked off last week in Diablo IV, introducing us to the Season of the Malignant, which adds a bunch of changes to gameplay or players in the seasonal season.

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