Demonstrators in London at a pro-Palestinian march demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza | News of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The current pause brings little relief after 15,000 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks during seven weeks of war.

Central London was packed with tens of thousands of people who came out to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

The national march for Palestine took place on Saturday on the second day of the truce between Israel and Hamas, which saw the release of hostages held by the Palestinian movement since October 7 and Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign estimated the participation of 300,000 people to demand “an end to the siege on Gaza.”

Protests and solidarity marches have been taking place in London and cities around the world since the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seven weeks ago.

The Metropolitan Police said at least five people were arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, including distributing “leaflets containing a swastika inside a Star of David”.

The force said 1,500 officers were deployed to monitor the march.

Officers also distributed flyers at the march “to make clear what crimes and behavior will not be tolerated,” police said.

The peaceful demonstrators carried signs reading, “Ceasefire now!” And “Stop the war on Gaza.”

Demonstrators listen to speeches in Whitehall, during a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, in London, United Kingdom, November 25, 2023. [Hollie Adams/ Reuters]

This month, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who sparked outrage for accusing police of being too lenient with pro-Palestinian demonstrators. She also made unauthorized comments about pro-Palestine demonstrations in the country, which she described as “hate marches.”

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