Death of Silvio Berlusconi: “Il Cavaliere”, Champion of Shocking Phrases and Unbridled Words

Berlusconi and his relationship with women… undoubtedly his most important Achilles’ heel. A true fanatic, he made more than questionable trips throughout his life.

He inaugurates a TGV line in Rome in December 2010 : If you decide to hire hostesses on high-speed trains, I suggest acting…”

According to him, it is impossible to eradicate attacks in ItalyAs there are so many beautiful Italian girls, it will never be possible, so many players will be needed.

During a summit on immigration, in February 2010, he told an Albanian representative that if Italy did not welcome immigrants, he would. “The most beautiful women of Albania”

“Georgia, She told Minister for Youth Policy Georgia Meloney. How about hugging everyone? Let us separate: you take care of the boys, I take care of the girls”to PDL Youth PartyIn September 2010.

Have you seen this bidet? You can’t imagine the number of buttocks he got. Does he believe it is necessary to surrender? For Jacques Chirac, he showed around his bathroom.

In November of the same year at the opening ceremony of the Motorcycle Fair in Milan, In one sentence, he is homophobic and misogynistic and causes controversy :

I work non-stop and every time I see a pretty girl… I’d rather like pretty girls than be gay.

This sentence comes as a corruption of RubigateIt involves a teenage girl.

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