Davante Adams apologizes to the man who pushed him to the ground after the match

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Raiders wide receiver Davant Adams He apologized after Monday night’s game for pushing a man to the ground as he walked off the field.

When reporters in the Raiders locker room interview Adams about the game, Adams brought up the topic himself without being asked.

“Before I answer anything else, I want to apologize to the guy – someone ran off the field, ran or jumped in front of me, came off the field and I hit him and I kind of pushed him and ended up on the floor, so I want to say to him sorry for that because that was just Frustration mixed with him literally ran in front of me. “I wasn’t supposed to respond that way, but that’s how I responded at first, so I just want to apologize for it,” Adams said.

Adams is credited with offering an apology without being asked, but his description of the accident as hitting someone who jumped in front of him doesn’t match the videoimplying that Adams could easily have avoided the man and chose to give him a boost instead.

Adams offered a second apology on Twitter.

Sorry for the guy I paid for after the match. I was obviously very frustrated with the way the match ended and when he ran in front of me when I came out that was my reaction and I immediately freaked out. That’s not me.. apologetic man I hope you see this,” Adams wrote.

Adams will likely face NFL discipline over the incident.

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