D.C. United put two players on leave after altercation, racial slur allegation: sources

D.C. United announced Friday night the suspension of strikers Taxi Fontas and Nigel Rortha for what it described as “potential breaches of league policy”. The club said it “immediately reported the matter to the league office, at which point MLS began gathering all available information”.

The statement did not specify the reason for Roortha or Fontas’ suspension, but multiple sources present or briefed on the incident said. the athlete On Friday, he accused Fontas of using a racial slur at Roberta during a recent training session. The same sources said that Ruertha physically assaulted Fontas after hearing the slur.

D.C. United declined additional comment on the allegations Friday.

Fontas was previously accused of using racial slurs in a match last season. Major League Soccer investigated the incident, calling Inter Miami’s allegations that Fontas directed a slur at one of its players “trustworthy” but refused to discipline the player after they could not definitively prove he did.

Earlier on Friday, D.C. United announced the sacking of its athletic coach after the club learned he had used a “discriminatory hand gesture made by an individual that appeared in a photo posted to social media platforms on July 20, 2023.”

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Major League Soccer finds Fountas’ allegations of racial slurs ‘credible’

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