Covid no longer makes waves but still kills quietly

In the first six months of 2022, the EU has a death toll of almost 140,000 above normal. Although the omicron variant is less virulent, it still weighs on mortality statistics. Belgium is one of the most protected countries.

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Head of Investigations

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FAt the time every newsletter starts with the number of covid deaths. Prohibition gestures have (almost) completely disappeared, summer festivals are held “like the good old days”, quarantine rules are forever fading in our minds. Better: The Sciensano Institute – responsible for national Covid statistics – no longer publishes a daily report, and is content with a small topo twice a week. Belgium passed the seventh wave without arousing any particular emotion. All of this indicates that we’ve truly moved into the “living with it” phase of the Omicron era and its sub-variants – more contagious but less virulent.

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