Cop28 has 170 Belgians but no Flemish climate minister: “He thinks international discussions are not useful”

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP28 kicked off this Thursday in Dubai. A 170-member Belgian delegation, including 6 ministers responsible for the environment, will go there. This was one of the discussions in this Sunday’s collection Not every day is Sunday.

Among the guests in the suite was Philippe Henri, Vice-President and Minister of Climate, Energy and Mobility in Wallonia (Ecolo). He mentioned going to Cop28, “Because it’s so important”, unlike his Flemish counterpart Juhl Demir (N-VA). The Flemish climate minister also considered this summit “A Puppet Theater.”

Philip Henry reacts

The Flemish minister’s position did not go well with Philip Henry, who considered that “To act on the climate, there are only two ways to do it: it’s international negotiation. It’s very complicated and, of course, it’s very slow. I want to move it quickly. We need to increase multilateralism and bilateralism. Interactions, international agreements and it works domestically.”

To continue further: “MHis Flemish colleague, unfortunately, thinks that international discussions are not useful. And, on the other hand, it rejects our goals. But at this rate, solving the climate problem is unlikely.”

It’s more important than going to a cop anyway

Federal MP Kathleen Depoorter was at RTL House to represent the N-VA party. She did not hesitate to defend Juhal Demir: “Frankly, a little too seriously”She said immediately. “Belgium has a spokesperson for the 4 climate ministers, that’s Alain Maron. He goes there, he stays. So why should our minister go there? She has to work on the ground, she does. That’s more important. Than going to a meeting anyway.”She added.

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His intervention, as one might say… put a chill on the set Not every day is Sunday. After a short period of blankness, Christophe Deborçu tried to quickly advance.

How much does it cost to go to Cop28 in Dubai?

For the record, Philip Henry was asked how much it costs to Dubai to attend Cop28. “I can’t tell you that. But international negotiations certainly require travel from time to time. I never do that, but climate conferences are very important, no matter what different people say about them. People.”He defended himself.

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