China was hit by a “rain of worms” as residents asked to carry umbrellas

Strange but true

March 10, 2023 | 2:23 p.m

China needs to call out Rihanna for some parachuting to beat this phenomenon of nature.

county citizens Liaoning They were told to find shelter after it seemed to start raining worms.

a viral clip It showed the area apparently being showered with tiny worms that were strewn all over the cars.

The video showed residents covering themselves with umbrellas as they went about their routines and strolled past.

While the cause of the slimy creature’s catastrophe has not been revealed, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network Proposal that the animals were brought down after being swept away by high winds.

The journal also noted that this type of occurrence occurs after a storm when insects are caught in a vortex.

Another theory suggested that worms really were Poplar flowers – a tulip tree whose flowers resemble capricious monsters.

Chinese citizens are required to use umbrellas to protect themselves from falling objects.

Viewers were amazed at the city’s current problem with one person Mentionsed: “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks falling from the trees.”

Another person claimed that the video was fake and It sounded like a joke.

“Strange phenomena” user addedwith post weight in“If I was thinking about my work on a casual day in China and it started raining worms?? I would just die.”

A similar freak event occurred last December when it was thought that iguanas could be raining from trees in Florida due to the freezing temperatures.

Viewers were shocked by this phenomenon – and some thought it was a joke.

“It slows down or becomes steady when it gets below 40,” WFTV meteorologist Brian Shields Posted on Twitter last winter. “They may fall from the trees, but they are not dead.”

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It is said that the accident is not uncommon when cold weather hits the sunshine state. When temperatures drop, the crawlers become stiff and fall to the ground.

While the thermometer sinks the invasive reptiles, the iguana won’t necessarily die. Many will wake up with higher temperatures.

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