China wants to outbid US to build first Saudi nuclear power plant: Why it could change everything – Business AM

For years, Saudi Arabia has said it wants to build nuclear power plants on its territory. Until now, the expectation was that they would be built with American support — on terms that went beyond energy issues. But now China is interfering in this matter.

Why is this important?

Saudi Arabia, long considered a loyal ally of the Americans in the Middle East, wants to gradually move away from it. China is not passive: it looks to exploit it. Helping start a civilian nuclear program is trivial because it binds countries for long periods of time through very expensive contracts.

In news : China bids for Saudi Arabia’s first nuclear power plant

  • According to information from Wall Street JournalChina has offered an offer to Saudi Arabia to build its first nuclear power plant.
  • The plan is attractive to Riyadh because Beijing attaches it to fewer restrictions than Washington.

Riyadh may not say yes, but she rubs her hands together

The details : already a success

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