CFBPA on EA show: College football players 'treated like children'

EA is bringing back college football. It serves approximately 11,000 college football players A measly $600 For the possibility of using their names, images and likenesses in production.

They also get a free copy of the game.

The College Football Players Association, which has in the past urged players to decline the offer, issued a statement to the X in response to the news.

“The news here is that this is the first collective licensing deal in the history of the sports business that does not include royalties,” the group said on “CFB players get video game money instead of royalties. Athletes in the second most popular sport in America They are treated like children. Video games instead [cash]”.

Many will accept the offer blindly, as they will consider it an “honor and privilege” to be included in the game. it's not. It is an honor and privilege for EA to sell a game that ensures authenticity and accuracy by using the names, images and likenesses of those who play college football.

But the powers that be at EA know that plenty of players will pounce on the equivalent of pizza money. This is the real problem here. Yes, players will get money without thinking twice about it. This is how most men at this age tend to operate.

This doesn't make it true.

College football players have been exploited for decades. And they still are. From EA's perspective, $600 per player is still $600 more per player than what their schools actually pay them to play college football.

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