Caroline Jennes on Gaza: “German friends: Are you really going to find yourself on the wrong side of history twice?”

It's an important question for our German friends: Are you really going to be on the wrong side of history twice?” announced Minister for Development Cooperation Caroline Janes (Vouruit) during an interview with our colleagues in Nag. During his interview, he defended Belgium's posture in the Flemish Socialist conflict: “Belgian Development Cooperation chooses the side of civilian victims. Hamas has killed, kidnapped or raped over 1,200 Israelis. This is a violation of international law and the rules of war. But Israel, as the occupying power, has also violated international law in the West Bank and Gaza for years. It is always the common people who suffer”.

Israel – Hamas war: Ecolo-Groen and CD&V, PS and Vooruit also want an international investigation into the threat of genocide in Gaza

“Germany Betrayed by the Israeli Government”

The minister expressed his questions about Germany's position on the conflict. According to him, the country cannot tolerate criticism of Israel. “I have always admired Germany for its ability to look its own wartime past in the eye […] It is difficult to understand that this same Germany allows itself to be so deceived by this Israeli government, which is pursuing a shameless colonial policy.”, Caroline Janes denounced. The latter confirms that no member state of the European Union denies the existence of Israel, but according to it, “This should not mean that we should passively watch such disproportionate violence against a civilian population, even if it is in retaliation for an act of terrorism.”.

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Israel-Palestine conflict: “More than any other country, Germany identifies with Israel”

Minister invites Germany to question his statement on the current situation in the Middle East. “German friends: Are you really going to find yourself on the wrong side of history twice? Will we continue to watch for genocide? It's 'nothing', isn't it?” Carolyn Janes emphasized before adding: “So I hope that Germans will look deep into their hearts and not allow themselves to be troubled by their own historical traumas. No matter how hard it is, you should always try to overcome trauma.

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