Carl Radke disputes Lindsay Hubbard’s claim that she was “shocked” by their breakup



Karl Radke cheats on his ex-fiancee.

The “Summer House” star revealed Friday that he believes his ex-wife Lindsey Hubbard is lying about her “shock” over their broken engagement.

“I don’t strongly believe she was shocked that we had these conversations.” He told people At Bravocon.

Hubbard, 37, broke her silence about their split on Sept. 14 by sharing a lengthy note on Instagram (which has since been deleted) in which she said she was “humiliated” and “extremely sad.”

She added: “My entire life and future has been ripped out from under me, and I’ve had a hard time understanding it all – with no answers or explanation as to why.”

Carl Radke has claimed that his ex-fiancée, Lindsay Hubbard, is lying about their breakup.
Rich Polk/Bravo

“We had a really rough summer and I think people will see that,” Radke, 38, explained during his BravoCon chat with People.

“But it shows the seriousness of the situation when deep down I felt like I needed to have a conversation with her about where we were in our relationship and moving forward with the wedding.”

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“I don’t strongly think she was shocked that we were having these conversations,” he told People magazine at BravoCon 2023.
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“We’ve had a very difficult summer and I think people will see that [on Season 8 of [‘Summer House’],” he added.
Radke also denied notifying Bravo’s cameras so they could film the end of their relationship.

The Loverboy investor also denied Hubbard’s claim that he staged their breakup to be caught by Bravo cameras.

“I don’t decide what gets filmed in Summer House. I really don’t,” he said.

“I only respond to what is needed.”

Although he was the one who ended the relationship, he said it was more “painful and emotional” for him than his brother’s death in 2020.
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Although he was the one who ended their relationship just months before their wedding day, Radke said the “very painful and emotional” breakup was harder to deal with than it was when his brother died in 2020.

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He pointed out, “This is the first time I have spoken in two months because I wanted to be respectful because it is painful for both of us.”

“There’s still some closure and things that I feel like they’ll need to figure out at some point.”

Radke said there are “still some closing things” that he feels he and Hubbard will need to work out “at some point.”
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“But I’m only there one day at a time. I’m just trying to take care of myself.”

For her part, Hubbard confirmed that she had no idea that she would not be a bride this month.

“It blew up my whole life. I was crying, I was angry, and I had to figure it out for myself,” she told Us Weekly in an interview published this week.

For her part, Hubbard confirmed that she had no idea that their separation was coming.
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Speaking about the problems they faced over the summer, she explained: “Every couple has normal disagreements, but nothing can be so drastic as to break up.”

“His demeanor and tone literally changed in the last two weeks of the summer.”

She also claimed: “There was a lot of fighting and aggression on his part, and I was confused.”

“It blew up my whole life. I was crying and I was angry and I had to find closure on my own,” the former publicist said in an interview this week.

The former publicist also claimed this week that her split from Radke was a “quick on and off conversation.”

In addition, she said that she does not plan to film with him in the near future.

“At this time, I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing a home with him after what he did. I mean, this guy — I can never trust him again,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard also said that she would not feel “comfortable” filming with him for the foreseeable future.
NBCU Image Bank via Getty Images

“The way he called the producers and set up the cameras — [he] He shocked and humiliated me in such a public way.

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“I’m not comfortable at this time.”

Hubbard and Radke’s entire relationship was featured in “Summer House” starting with its premiere in 2017.

They got engaged in 2022 during the seventh season of the show.

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