BTS V Releases Old Music Video for “Love Me Again” – Watch – Rolling Stone

BTS’s V brings it back with the music video for “Love Me Again,” the first single from his upcoming debut solo album to stop.

The visual released Wednesday shows the star in a sequined gold crest surrounded by stalactites hanging from the ceiling of a cave. Retro elements are peppered throughout the video, as the camera pans from the VHS-style black-and-white recordings and grainy karaoke subtitles flash across the screen.

“I think about you all the time / Where are you, who are you with / Lost without you, baby,” she sings. “I hope you love me again / No, I don’t want anyone else.”

A press release described “Love Me Again” as “a captivating R&B track that highlights V’s low voice.”

On Monday, the group’s label Big Hit Music announced the new number V on social media, set to be released on September 8th. The compilation will include six tracks: focus track “Slow Dancing”, “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, “For Us”, “Love Me Again”, and a piano version of “Slow Dancing”.


“V will show a new side of his charm as a solo artist with this new collaboration and album infused with V’s personal flair,” the release read.

The new tracks arrive amid BTS’s hiatus as some of its members have already begun their mandatory military service in South Korea. The group’s hiatus is expected to last until 2025, and all seven members of BTS will complete their mandatory service over the next two years. Members Jin and J-Hope are currently enlisting, and Big Hit Entertainment recently confirmed that Suga has begun the military enlistment process.

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