Brussels was voted in the top 10 best brunches in the world

The Brussels food scene has nothing to envy our neighbours. The source with this new ranking was released recently. Brussels appears to be one of the cities in the world… serving the best brunches! More precisely, the Belgian capital ranked tenth, ahead of Melbourne, Barcelona and Paris.

Harvard recommends these three items for an optimal breakfast:

The best brunches in the world

This is My opinion Who saw the matter. To do this, the clothing brand decided to use TikTok data to find the most popular cities for brunches. On the front, London appears to be the best city in the world for a good brunch. With more than 12 million views on TikTok, the British capital is famous for its famous English breakfastBut also for its modern preferences.

Behind him, we find New York with 11.1 million views. The city that never sleeps offers an unparalleled brunch experience, from Manhattan’s chic rooftops to gourmet eggs benedict to Williamsburg’s artsy cafes serving vegan and gluten-free options. Another American city is in third place: Denver, Colorado. There, we savor Denver’s famous omelet and sit down at one of the countless trendy vegan spots scattered throughout the city.

Plus, nearly ten U.S. cities appear in the top 20, making it the country where you can find the world’s best brunches. Famous for its lavish brunches, Las Vegas ranks fourth with all-you-can-eat buffets, fancy bottomless mimosas and impressive live cooking shows. Three Texas cities appear in the top 20: Houston (8th), Dallas (13th) and Austin (15th), making America a true hub for brunch lovers.

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Brussels, ranked 10th

This does not prevent Europe from occupying a privileged position in the top 20. Amsterdam leads the way, in 7th place. Brussels is next at number 10, the second trendiest European city for brunch. From the ultra-trendy Bisou to the Drohme Woodpecker, from Italian brunch to gourmet brunch, 5-star buffets, the city no longer counts the best concepts for weekend brunching in the magical setting of Foret de Soins. Sandwiches revisited. Paris, Barcelona and Madrid follow Brussels in just a handful of places.

But what’s the cheapest place to have brunch? Madrid, Spain, appears to be the chosen destination. Count on an average of 35€ for two. Conversely, Chicago is the city where brunch will cost you the most, according to the rankings. For two people, a classic brunch with savory and sweet dishes, a coffee and a prosecco or mimosa costs an average of €78. Sunday brunch lovers, now you know where to go!

Why skipping breakfast is not good for your health?

Absolute Top 20:

1. London
2. New York
3. Denver
4. Atlanta
5. Vegas
6. Charlotte
7. Amsterdam
8. Houston
9. Toronto
10. Brussels
11. Leeds
12. Melbourne
13. Chicago
14. Dallas
15. Austin
16. Barcelona
17. Paris
18. Nashville
19. Belfast
20. Madrid

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