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The brave re-signed a free outside agent Eddie Rosario The team announced a two-year contract worth $18 million with the club’s option for the 2024 season. Rosario will earn $9 million in each of the next two seasons. The Braves haven’t announced the value of the 2024 option, but The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal Reports It’s also priced at $9 million, without purchase. Rosario represents Roc Nation Sports.

Rosario, 30, landed the Braves on a mid-season pay dump after an generally unproductive start to the season in Cleveland. The twins’ long-standing left-footers signed a one-year, $8 million contract there after it wasn’t rolled out by Minnesota, but it only hit .254/.296/.389 in 306 board appearances before landing on the casualty list due to abdominal strain. The Braves captured Rosario knowing it would need some extra time to fix, but it’s doubtful that even their most optimistic forecast foresaw what would happen in the future.

Activated by IL for 10 days on August 27, Rosario exploded with .271/.330/.573 appearing at 96 plate appearances down the extension in Atlanta. He’s been seven home runs, four pairs and a pair of three during that hot streak — and that production alone would make the acquisition worth it. However, Rosario carried this production into the post-season—at least for the National League Championship series.

After three mostly non-descript matches in the NLDS, Rosario stole the spotlight once again with a 14-for-25 effort that included three home runs, a double, a triple and a nine. After that show, Rosario’s crowning of the NLCS MVP title was an imposed consequence. His production dried up during the World Championships (5 vs 22), but Rosario’s overall production with the Braves and Champions post-season resulted in a solid payday and what numbers a daily role in Atlanta should be.

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The volatile nature of the 2021 Rosario season was not abnormal in nature. He’s been prone to hot streaks and cold streaks during his big league career, thanks in part to an overly aggressive approach at the board. Rosario has solid batting skills on the ball, evidenced by her batting rate of just 14.7% over the past three seasons. However, he’s also made less than five percent of his major league appearances and, over the past three seasons, has had the 13th highest swing in the game (55.8%) and 11 highest chases (43%). Rosario excels at communication even on those off the court, but in frequent pursuits, he misses some opportunities to take advantage of his above-average strength by leading the courts better.

Defensively, Rosario is a mixed bag. He’s played all over the field but is best suited in the corners, with great arm strength that has led to some garish assisting totals, particularly early in his tenure with the Twins. Defensive metrics have soured in his work in recent seasons, but there is a huge gap between the most up and down rating scales. Saved defense points, for example, give Rosario a +2 score in 2021 – but Statcast’s Outs Above Average ranked it at -17, the worst score of all Major League players. Annual outlooks for defensive metrics can present significant variability, but when sampling larger, the DRS, UZR, and OAA give it negative scores dating back to 2017.

None of this says Rosario is a poor investment for the brave, especially in these terms. His approach worked on the board, as evidenced by his solid .275/.309/.473 (105 wRC+) hitting streak and 133 home rounds through 3,242 professional board appearances. He has posted a total of 27 (2017) and 32 (2019) for one season in the past, so he has the potential to be an outstanding source of strength in the Braves lineup for the next two seasons. His overall offensive production was dampened a bit by frequent flips and a lack of walking, but Rosario was generally an above average hitter who would pair him Adam DuvalAnd the Marcel Ozuna Once he is healthy, Ronald Akuna Jr. In what should be a productive outdoor field / carousel for the Atlanta hitters.

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