Boy George says he will 'never be friends' with Janet Jackson

Boy George's Diary Karma He will be out of the United States this week, and in the book the English musician recounts a negative experience he had with Janet Jackson in the 1980s. “When it comes to me and Janet, let’s wait a while,” he wrote before going into detail about her “without my face” interview.

“She was not friendly and did not try to be,” he wrote. “But I just went out and got my best 'Boy George' and was walking around backstage making sure everyone saw me.” A member of her staff called him to record a video message for Jackson, and said he told her: “Next time you meet someone, be nice.” Afterwards, George was invited into Jackson's dressing room, where she told him she did not recognize him when he introduced himself. He said he replied: “Are you saying you would have been kind to me if you had known who I was?”

“When you write a book like this, there's a chance you'll meet someone you wrote about,” he said. the people. “I have to say that what I wrote about people is the reality of what happened and how they behaved. So I'm kind of comfortable with that.

“I'm always someone who's willing to bury the hatchet because there's always another chance to be different,” Boy George continued. “At this point, there are some people I will never be friends with unless a miracle happens — and I think I put it in that category.”

As the boy told George the people About meeting Tina Turner, which didn't go well either. That part wasn't in his memoir, but he said their meeting happened backstage after Elton John's show. In the dressing room, he was introduced by Elton and…[Tina] “I'm the biggest Tina Turner fan on the planet,” he added, referring to their shared Buddhist beliefs. “I mean I forgave her and I loved her.”

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“I love Janet Jackson's music, I love Madonna, and I love all the people she's written about,” Boy George continued. the people. “I suppose when you write things about other artists, it's also – note to yourself – that you remember that maybe there were times in your life when you weren't friendly to everyone you meet. It's 1,000% easier to be nice. Not only is it easier to be nice And it's even better for you.

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