Boris Johnson in turmoil: New apology after Prince Philip’s funeral the day before

Suitcase full of wine and dancing until the end of the night as Elizabeth II prepares to bury her husband: New revelations about parties at the heart of British power are ending a catastrophic week for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, now openly competing. Within his majority.

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LA spokeswoman said Friday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had apologized to Queen Elizabeth II following revelations about parties organized on Downing Street the day before her husband Philip’s funeral.

“It happened at a time of national mourning and it is very unfortunate that 10 (Downing Street) Palace has apologized,” a spokesman for the Tory leader said. These apologies were made through official channels.

An departure party

It is also one of the hallmarks of the harshness of prisons in the United Kingdom: a masked black queen sitting alone in the church at Windsor Castle during the funeral of Prince Philip.

Until the early hours of April 17, 2021, during the National Mourning, two members of the Downing Street Collaborative Committee were celebrating their departure, according to The Telegraph’s Director of Communications James Slack, co-editor of the tabloid, and Boris Johnson’s personal photographer.

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Thirty people brought these two watering cans together, including one organized in the basement of the building where an officer was a DJ, according to a daily close to the authority that is attached to the garden of the official residence. One person was sent in a suitcase to a supermarket to buy bottles of wine that he had brought back to Downing Street, he said.

At that time, indoor meetings were prohibited because the English could only meet at a maximum of six outdoors.

Boris Johnson is sensible

Boris Johnson, 57, was not present at Checkers, the residence of UK government leaders, according to a Telegraph spokesman.

But these new revelations extend the already long list of parties organized in power circles during the last two years of imprisonment. They also highlight a real drinking culture on Downing Street, according to media reports.

The Conservative leader involved in the Kovit case, who attended one of these parties in May 2020, has not been seen in public in parliament since Wednesday. .

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