Boris Johnson has resigned as a Member of Parliament

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation as an MP on Friday evening, citing a parliamentary inquiry into the parties’ “participation” in Downing Street over restrictions related to Covid-19.

Boris Johnson, 58, said his decision was effective immediately, triggering a by-election that will add even more political pressure to his successor, Rishi Sunak.

A year after being ousted from Downing Street by his majority, Mr Johnson is under a parliamentary inquiry to determine whether he misled parliament over the “partygate” issue.

The process, led by the Privileges Commission, is in the process of completing its work and, according to British press, has submitted its findings to the former president.

“I have received a letter from the Privileges Committee – to my astonishment – that they are determined to use the procedure against me to expel me from Parliament,” the former Tory prime minister wrote in a statement.

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“I am very sad to be leaving Parliament – at least for now – but most of all I am appalled at the undemocratic manner in which I have been forced to leave,” he added.

In this press release, he accused the commission of producing a report, which has not yet been published, “full of errors and prejudices” without “giving any proper opportunity to challenge what they say”.

Boris Johnson was forced to resign last summer after a series of scandals, chief among them the parties in Downing Street during his confinement imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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But the charismatic leader, still an MP, was very influential in the conservative majority.

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